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Etumax Royal Honey Price in Pakistan | Vip Etumax Royal Honey | Made By Herbal Malaysia Product |

Etumax Royal Honey Price in Pakistan purest form of honey fortified with selective herbs like Tongkat Ali and Ginseng; Royal Honey for Him In Pakistan is an instant energy source to enhance male vitality among other numerous…

Benefits Of Etumax Royal Honey Price in Pakistan:

Helps in regulating blood flow
Assists in the better impact of physical workout for muscular body
It does wonders for people suffering from premature ejaculation
For stronger brain, body and emotional health
A quick source of energy and immunity booster

Features Of Etumax Royal Honey Price in Pakistan

100% natural formula with zero side effects
Blend of numerous beneficial and healthy herbs
Miracle treatment for sterility and impotency
Effective solution for better functioning of metabolism
Stress reliever and enhancer of physical abilities

Specifications Etumax Royal Honey Price in Pakistan

Nutritious honey enriched with vital biomolecules contained in bee larva
Rich in proteins, amino acids and complexes of Vitamin A, B and C
Has Tongkat Ali roots which are known for accelerating testosterone levels
Fortified with zinc and iron for better muscle buildup
Zinc is also known for improving taste buds and libido

USAGE Of Etumax Royal Honey Price in Pakistan:

Consume a sachet with warm milk or water half an hour before Bedroom activity or before breakfast once a week

FORMULA Of Etumax Royal Honey Price in Pakistan :

Pure Honey 97%, Eurycoma Longifolia 1%, Panax Ginseng 1%, Bee Larva Powder 1%

PACKAGING Etumax Royal Honey Price in Pakistan

12 Sachets x 20 Grams in 1 Box

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Etumax Royal Honey Is Available In All Cities Of Pakistan

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