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Neo Hair Lotion For Hair Growth | Anti Hair Loss Lotion

Green Wealth Neo Hair Lotion in Pakistan For uses ancient home remedies for hair treatment along with modern science. Purely made of all-natural ingredients herbal techniques, using the base of Cucumis melo extract, saw palmetto, ginseng radix, equisetum arvense extract & more which are extremely helpful for healthy hair.

Benefits Of Neo Hair Lotion Green Wealth Thailand Price in Pakistan

Neo Hair Lotion may help prevent hair loss, baldness, or baldness.

Helps to reduce the appearance of dandruff on the hair follicles.

Accelerates new hair growth and may help to make hair longer, bushy and darker.

Maintains and repairs hair roots and hair follicles.

The herbal extract is beneficial for both hair and scalp with no chemicals.

Neo Hair Lotion Green Wealth Made in Thailand 100% Original

Several natural and effective components are concentrated in great amounts in Green Wealth Neo Hair Lotion Price in Pakistan. The herbal extract is beneficial for both hair and scalp with no chemicals. Cantaloupe extract accelerates the germination of black hair length and strength to inhibit shedding, hair is smooth and shiny. Ginseng extract that stimulates the circulation of cells in the scalp. Give hair roots get nutrients. The hair root effect is awake. Accelerates germination and nourishes hair roots. And it reduces hair loss.

Made From 100% Natural Ingredients

Cantaloupe can hasten the growth of hair, improve the hairs’ strength, inhibit loss of hair, soften the hair and make the hair shiny.

White ginseng can stimulate the blood circulation around the head in order to transfer nutrients to the hair roots, make the hair roots active, hasten the growth of the hair, nourish the hairs and reduce loss of hair.

Hair treatment wax from coconut and wild honey can repair and nourish the hair roots, protect the hair from sunlight and pollutants, and treat dried and damaged hair.

Features of Green Wealth Neo Hair Lotion

Daily care lotion to stimulate hair growth

Made from traditional Thai herbals

Hair root nutrients made by the ancient home remedy techniques

Safe and effective on all hair types

Easy and safe to use with no chemicals

Helps blood circulation on the scalp

Suitable For People with hair loss, baldness

Helps reduce and inhibit hair loss from genetic causes

Reduce the oiliness of the scalp

Suitable for both men and women

How To Use Neo Hair Lotion ?

Shower and clean the scalp: Make sure your head is clean. Wash your head before applying the hair lotion.

Pre-massage and comb: Gently massage your head with your fingers for two to three minutes. Then comb or brush your head, even if there is no hair at all.

Spray the Green Wealth Neo Hair Lotion: Directly spray Green Wealth Neo Hair Lotion into the roots of the scalp. Make sure the whole head is covered and wet in Green Wealth Neo Hair Lotion.

Recommended for daily use up to the expected result

During the entire period of use of the product, it is recommended to use gentle bio-organic cleansing products to preserve the integrity of the natural structures of the skin and hair.

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