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Slim N Lift Aire Bra in Pakistan – Best Stuff – Good Quality – Without Hock – Easy to Wear – Easy to Feel- Wish for Every Girl and Women to Buy

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The Slim N Lift Aire Bra In Pakistan is a specially designed bra that has totally changed the conventional method of covering the breasts. It is a fact that the there hasn’t notable change brought to the Bra for the last 5 decades and this is also a fact that such ordinary bra leave marks on the delicate part of the chest. These marks are basically due to the several underwires used in bras.
Now the solution of such problems has come in the shape of Slim N Lift Aire Bra in Pakistan. The new Aire Bra has manufactured in a total different way than the traditional bra. The Aire Bra in Pakistan is designed from the forever fit technology.Slim N Lift Aire Bra in Pakistan is the most comfortable bra you will ever own.

The Aire Bra in Pakistan lifts and supports your chest relieving back pain and eliminating back fat.Silky soft material stretches to fit A, B, C & D cups.

  1.  No more unsightly buldges. Absolutely seamless fits your exact curves even if you lose or gain weight.
    You will look 10-20 lbs.Thinner and 2-3 dress sizes smaller. Results are immediate and there are no visible lines.

Just slip it on and you’ll really see and feel the fantastic results right away and not have to go through the pain and uneasiness of normal shape wear.Its designs till now cannot think of any innovative products that offers complete freedom from these straps or wires.It was really painful for women when they wear these kinds of ordinary bras for a long time.
First highlight of Slim N Lift Aire Bra In Pakistan is that it is free from straps or wires. Instead of wires, the front portion that connects with the back is so much widened with fine quality nylon fibers.

The design of Slim N Lift Aire Bra In Pakistan suits to the purposes of sport as well. The look of the bra itself is so classy, executive, and over all admirable. The nylon fibers used in the making of this bra is exclusively handpicked. It is top class in the matters regarding hygiene. The price of this product is not so high when compared to ordinary bras. The features it upholds give complete value for the money you spend for purchasing it. The bra is made available in different shapes, size, and colors. Air bra suits the body shapes of women of all ages.

The support provided by Slim N Lift Aire Bra In Pakistan to women’s body is so superior, and it never allows the body to lose its perfect shapes that attract other’s attention. Thus Slim N Lift Aire Bra In Pakistan improves the confidence of women. Your front part and back part will receive the support from all sides.

About Slim N Lift Aire Bra In Pakistan

It is an outstanding inner wear, which is the result of innovative research done by experts all over the world. The traditional types of bras had plenty of drawbacks, and the designing of Slim N Lift Aire Bra In Pakistan was an attempt to overcome these pitfalls of traditional bras in the main, and it successfully went through. It is made with extra ordinary care considering manifold comfort aspects that the conventional bra designs cannot provide to the users.


Wire-Free, Clip-Free, Strap-Free = PAIN FREE.
Available Sizes:
1-                  Small
2-                  Medium
3-                  Large
4-                  X Large
5-                  XXL
6-                  XXXL

Say Goodbye to back pain & embarrassing back fat or painful wires with the comfortable and stylish bra.

Three bras for the price of one (Available in three colors: 1 White Color, 1 Black Color, and 1 Nude Color)

COMFORTABLE: The Aire Bra won’t stretch out and is the most versatile and comfortable bra you’ll ever own.

FULL COVERAGE: Full coverage cups custom fit to any size, keeping everything in place.

DAY & NIGHT WEAR: You can even sleep in Slim N Lift Aire Bra In Pakistan for proper support, day and night.

NO HOOKS FRONT OR BACK: Silky soft material stretches to fit A, B, C & D cups. No more unsightly budge. Completely seamless. Smooth line-free appearance.

PERFECTLY FIT: Wide straps fit perfectly and never slip off.

This bra has no hooks and wires at all. Moreover, this bra doesn’t cause to the delicate skin because it is made from the knitted fabric.

BACK FAT: Say goodbye to embarrassing back fat, the wonder weave extra oomph band gives you support without the suffering and never rolls up!

SAVES MONEY: The Slim N Lift Aire Bra save the thousand of Rupees spends on bras with painful underwire and strip that don’t fit and can make you look.

Sizing is easy – just match your shirt size to the Aire Bra size!

Available in Different Size
S 28 – 32

M 32 – 36

L 36 – 38

XL 38 – 40

XXL 40 – 42

XXXL 42 – 44

STYLISH BRA: The most comfortable bra you’ll ever wear! The ultimate in comfort, support & style. Comes in set of 3, White, Nude & Black.
It saves the precious time of women to adjust the bra each they try it on.
Extra wide comfort straps ribbed bottom for a cozy uplifting fit completely seamless No wires, clips, hooks or straps to adjust Fits your exact curves even if you lose or gain weight
The Aire Bra comes in one size that fits all. This brain Pakistancan also repel the sweat, so you stay fresh for all day long. Now get rid of your traditional bra and purchase the new Slim N Lift Aire Brain Pakistan today!


Material: Body: 77% Nylon, 23% Elastane, Lining: 89% Nylon, 11% Elastane. Lace: 90% Nylon, 10% Elastane.
The fabric of Aire brain Pakistanis stretchable and can easily adapt according to the breast size right from the day one.
This bra is so comfortable that women can even sleep while wearing it. The Aire Bra in Pakistan comes in one size that fits all.
Fabric Breathes: stay cool and feeling fresh!


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